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Cool mobile app. Revolutionary online tool. Groundbreaking e-commerce concept. Or simply a price deal. We test anything customers can buy or use.

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Think "elevator pitch." Good ideas solve consumer problems. Identify the problem you address. Explain your solution. Words not enough? Upload a picture!

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Your questionnaire is already done. And it's smart, just five key questions: how relevant is the problem? The solution? Is it unique? Worth sharing? Worth paying for?

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We've got plans for everyone. Starter plan will give you 25 responses and a rough idea of how good is your idea. If you want to get statistically reliable results, pick up our Pro plan.

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We've got many targeting options, including country, demographics, lifestage, occupation. In any case, they are real people ready to answer your questions.

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First feedback will come literally in minutes. You can monitor responses and gain insights in real time. We usually deliver full results in 3-4 hours; turnaround in 24 hours is guaranteed.

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Just one look at your Dashboard tells you if your idea is good or not. There's a savvy analysis and thousands of other ideas tested behind a straightforward score between 0 and 100.

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See where your idea scored high and where it didn't. Understand its strengths and weaknesses. Explore metrics. Learn what to improve and what to refine.

... or even deeper

Download and analyse the data yourself. Identify and profile those who like your idea and those who don't. Read their comments and explanations.