My workspace / Demo Pro plan report: Free airport parking

Tested with 100 males and females 18+ in the USA.
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Very good
Your score
52 out of 100
Your accuracy
How well your solution targets the problem.
  • You have identified a very common problem. There is a substantial market to address.
  • Your idea strongly stands out against its competitors.
  • Your solution has got a reasonable customer interest, but still falls behind the benchmarks. Consider improving your proposition taking into account your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Many people experience your problem but do not appreciate your solution. Think about fine-tuning your proposition to address the full potential of the problem you've targeted.
  • Your idea will probably not spread widely via word of mouth. Consider creative communications and aggressive marketing.
  • Most potential customers expect higher value from your proposition. Consider aggressive pricing and price promotions, or improve perception of your value in other ways.