Frequently Asked Questions

What is was created by market research experts with
a mission to help businesses of every size validate new
concepts hassle-free, fast and at a fraction of the cost.
Who is for?

Anyone who needs to validate a startup or a new product idea. Our customers are R&D and marketing teams, investors and startup founders.

Who gives feedback to my idea?

We partner with Cint, one of the largest access panel
providers. Via Cint we get access to tens of millions of
people in 25 countries.

What if a survey participant steals my idea?

Cint signs Non Disclosure Agreements with panellists. The NDAs mandate that all information must be kept confidential and any breach of proprietary information may be cause for legal action.

Are survey participants paid?

Survey participants can be rewarded in different ways.
Some get a cash incentive, some get loyalty card points,
some give feedback to earn money for charities.

Does each respondent explain his/her answers?

No, it is obligatory to answer all rating questions, free comments are voluntary. However, our response rates to open-ends are much higher than the industry average - usually above 80%.

Respondents give insightful comments. Can I contact them?

We are required by ESOMAR Code to maintain the distinction between market research and commercial activities.
Respondents participate in surveys anonymously.

How can I trust the results?

Our respondents are not affiliated with you or your idea. Therefore, you'll be getting unbiased results. To get statistically reliable results we recommend you order at least a 50 respondents plan.

Why do I need benchmarking?

If 60% say they would buy your product, is it good or bad? Benchmarking is the best way to compare your idea results
against others and understand where you really stand.

How do you calculate benchmark scores?

We employ a number of sophisticated statistical analysis techniques to produce our scores, including quota sampling, weighting and normalizing survey results.

How much does it cost?

All our plans are pay-as-you-go. You pay only when you
launch a test. No subscription or hidden fees.
Prices start at $149 per idea.

Do you have volume pricing?

Yes, we have subscription enterprise plans. Contact us to
register your interest. Enterprise clients have access to Pro features, for instance advanced targeting and surveying own customers.

Is my data secure and private?

Yes, your data is secure and private. Your data is yours
and we don't share it unless you tell us to. Please see our
Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for further info.

Which languages are supported?

The platform is currently available in English, but your can send your idea in many different languages including French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian.

OK, I'm ready to buy. What's next?

You can sign up and get started right away. After
you sign up you will be redirected to your workspace,
where you can begin to draft your ideas.

Do you have any other questions?

Drop us a line, or look for us on our live chat.